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>> Discover who is Checking you out! And what, that often?!? ;)

See your identified visitors!

I created a tracker for your personal use. In a nutshell, it allows you to maintain a running time/date stamped log of all of the visits to your social network profile pages (like Myspace). With a small amount of detective work (see Help), you can identify who a repeat visitor is, and label them, and see stats of all the visits for any particular visitor who is visiting your page. Primarily it can be used on social network sites such as Myspace, Zorpia, or wherever you can add your own customized html/css code. Heck you can use it for any website page you manage. You can even use it to see if and when people read emails you send them (great for business emails).

To be sure, No profile "trackers" can 100% Guarantee that your visitor is who it says it is... because the accuracy is up to you to initially determine who it is. And that part, is actually pretty easy to do. All it requires is a little patience, and, Presto!! You now will know that that certain someone was just being a bit Shy, and is Only coming back to your profile, Repeatedly, for a reason... Shhhhhhhh!!! ;-)

Also, in the case of this site, you benefit from a group effort, such that all identified visitors that come to your profile, will be able to be viewed by you (as already identified). In other words, others using this system may have already did the detective work for you.

Have fun with Targeted Visitors

Crystal Ball
The "toys" part of the equation (see Toys page) has to do with extra fun stuff that I'm building. These extra "toys" have the added benefit that they are "aware." That is, they are tied to the tracker system, so they will "know" if and when a specific identified repeat "visitor" is viewing your page, and respond accordingly.
Create custom "Targeted" messages that
Only visitor(s) you specify, will be able to see!
Example, you will be able to create messages that Only that specific targeted visitor or visitors will be able to see on your profile pages, and no one else. Everyone else sees just one of a number of generic messages you can create as well.

Why Why WHY!!! (click for more)

Because I can. And I was feelin kinda creative on Labor Day (2007), ...OK and maybe a lil bored. Alright fine. I admit it, I was curious as all hell. Well, I had my reasons. I had been using a "free" tracker at the time, and I Knew I was missing a lot of the "hits" that were coming to my profile (like 3/4 of them as it turned out). My server I run was real light on it's useage, apart from being a big fat speedy dedicated server, so I thought "what the hell, why not." And ummm, yup, after I started it... I was, pleasantly, surprised that it was capable of capturing them All.

Anyways, I knew more people than just me think it's fun to see who's checking them out. And checking them out often. And for some, checking them out like they're the last person on Earth! dohhh!! Personally, I could care less since if they aren't messaging in addition to "just visiting," then they prob. are just making their rounds and to see if you still exist. On the other hand,... ?? ;-) (Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that you're secretly infatuated with me. That'll just be our little secret.). That, and you might catch a clue that that certain someone or ex, is not so "done" with you as they emphatically claim..

Oh and by the way, since you're visiting this page. You're Tracked!! (see bottom of this page) In reality though, EVERY web site you ever visit, anywhere on the web, you're tracked. All it means is that the server just has to note your internet router's "IP address," so it knows where to send the data from the web page you wish to view. Technically, these trackers never "see" anyone's home computer specifically, just the modem/router that their PC's internet cable is plugged into (and the browser they are using). In other words, it doesn't know You, or Anything about you. As such, if someone takes their computer and plugs into a different router, they'll have a different "address" altogether. In general I'm just making it easier for you to see specific "visitors" who do repeat visits to your profile. People usually log in from the same consisten locations 99% of the time (home or even office when they should be working!), and most routers from internet service providers change the addresses of their home users maybe only once every several months or more. What I'm really trying to say is, this little tool will give you a good idea that the person is visiting your profile so often because they didn't get a date on Fri. night themselves, then they got stood up on Sat. night, and they're extra giddy right now. And oh yeah, they are checking You out in this terribly frustrated state of being they are in.

OK, just knowing an "address ID" doesn't let you know who this giddy person visiting your profile is. To get the most out of this, you have to put forth some of your own bit of detective work. For example, if someone on your myspace profile leaves you a comment, or sends you a message, then Usually it will be within a minute or five right after you get a profile hit that this will be able to log. If they are the Only "unknown visitor" that visited you within a reasonable amount of time of a sent message or comment... well then, there you go. You can then Identify that "visitor", and then you will now instantly know who it is for all the times they visit, from both Before and After you ID'd them.

Now, granted, some people don't like the idea of being "tracked," as it violates their inalienable rights to check you out, and check you out often, unnoticed. All I can say to those people is -> Absolutely, you have every right to feel that way. And when you are done feeling so incredibly violated because I Caught you Lookin, you have two choices. You can delete me as a friend because I May have already figured out who you are (and that you like to check my profile out once in a while), OR, something even more novel, you can send a message to say "Hi, how are you. How was your day?" And be sure to send the message quicklike after you visit my page, so I don't confuse your visitor ID with the bazillion other hits to my profile within that next 5 minutes. ;-)

Now, I plan on charging, so as to keep my server use low enough to maintain accuracy on logging. (a Lot of people like the idea of tracking their otherwise anonymous fans for some reason). I'm doing this "fee" based, because the free tracker services I know of, (and that I have used) get overrun due to the fact that "ad-supported" doesn't make enough to cover the cost of more and faster servers that are necessary to support the high volume and useage. I'm interested in maintaining that you can track Every visitor to your page, not like 25% or less if you're lucky (I'm not naming names. I ran my tracker simultaneously with another very popular free one in particular).

For starters, it will be $10/year. Yes, that is per Year. Altogether this isn't much, as I think I can manage the future upgrades that would be needed for that amount. And That my friends, is less than buying me both a Guinness at Kell's plus a 20oz. Mocha. OK, unless your under 21, in that case, make that 2 *20oz Mochas plus tip at my favored local coffee shop, but not at the same time, less my head launch into orbit whilst I'm attempting to concentrate on my coding.

Start off as a free trial here. OK have fun and happy tracking!

- Dave

Feature List:

  • The Best tracker for capturing ALL hits to your profile. I have yet to see another tracker that comes close. I pay for a fat dedicated server system that eats other systems up like candy.
  • Public profile image and name shown for visitors that are "identified" by you or others using this system. That way, you have an easy reference when you see them in your daily track logs.
  • Tracking code is invisible on your page (for paid members). That is, there is no image to identify your big brother habits to your visitors.
  • Multiple tracker campaigns - You can create distinct tracker logs for different pages of yours that you tag. E.g. you can create a separate tracker for different social profile accounts, or track your blog readers separately from your main profile page, etc...
  • View visitor stats for each visitor to your pages.
    Stat info: IP address, Browser info, geo-location, total count visits, your personal notes
  • A visitor geographic (google map) location is displayed to you. (the general city/state/country they are visiting you from)
  • Identified visitors have a quick-link that enables you to easily click straight to their profile as you see them in your tracker log.
  • Shared system of identifying "visitors." You will be able to take advantage of the fact that you will start seeing already-identified-visitors who visit your profile. That is, someone else using the system did the detective work for you and identified a visitor that also happens to visit your profile.
  • Make personal notes for any visitor so you can reference it anytime they visit. Good for helping you figure out who someone might be, or to just give them a pet name after you ID'd them, etc...
  • coming
  • Additional widgets (a.k.a. "toys") that allow you to have fun with your "identified" visitors when they visit your profile. E.g. the Targeted Messager, and a few others that are in the works.
  • Toy: "Random Message Displayer" - Available now. Displays to your profile visitors any one from a list of random messages that you create.
  • Toy: "Targeted Message Displayer" - Available now. Create messages that Only Certain Specified Visitors can see, and no one else. Everyone else just sees the messages designated for "anyone"

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