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The Current Toy Collection

Random Message Displayer

Displays a random message from a list of separate messages that you create. This is not visitor specific (in other words, everyone sees the same thing).
Targeted Message Displayer

Displays a random message from a list of separate messages that you create. This has the "Targeted visitor specific option".
You create 2 separate kinds of messages in this.
Set 1, the "Open Set" is going to be visible by Everyone who visits your page.
Set 2, is where the fun begins. The messages you create in Set 2 are the "Targeted Sets", which will ONLY be visible to a selected Target Group that you specifically create via the Target Managment tool. You can have several different Targets going at the same time.
Premium users will be able to track who sees what message. I'm working on that code now.
The Code to place in your Profile is at the bottom of the page.
Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball - Fortune of the Day

Displays a random message from a list of separate messages that you create. Solicits for your visitors name, while giving them an entertaining experience. The name they enter is then sent back here where it can aid you in identifying your visitors. So it's kinda like a fun guestbook, only, they don't know they are signing in for Keeps ;-)

Visitor Target Management

This is where you create and manage target groups to be used with the "aware" toys. When you are viewing your Tracker logs, you will see the "Collect for Targeting" button for any given visitor. Clicking that enables you to put that particular visitor into a Group that you then can Target for a customized experience of your toys.

upcoming toys
  • E.g. my "Dave 10,000 Crystal Ball".. which will be a fun Flash game that you can make up Questions and Answers to. Well in this case, specific to a certain Visitor(s) who are on your page... They wont know offhand that you already know who they are. Therefore, you can mess with them ;-).. Use your imagination. I'll write more on it later.
  • Found a cool image on the web somewhere, and want to decorate/personalize it with your Own text?? Just supply the image url, create the text, and position the text, preview it and presto. This can be done with or without using the tracker info. (just in case you Really want to personalize it)
  • Tracker toys that you place, can also be set to be "invisible" and show nothing if the pertinent visitor(s) are not viewing it. OR, like the picture text inserter above, you can have say, general text for when anyone is viewing it, and then Specific text for if that certain visitor (or visitors) are viewing it

Testing Samples:

1) This one I have about 6 different text strings set. It will randomly display just one of those in a box transparent to whatever the background on your page beneath it is. This one is not Visitor specific. Refresh this page to see the message change.
(Currently, I am running this one on my myspace profile.)

sample and coloring as appearing on my profile page...
some text

Sneak Peak
  • First Crystal Ball Game: Fortune of the Day. It will solicit for the visitor's name, and then send that response back to the server here, where you can see their response, and tie that to the Visitor in your Tracker Log. Kinda does the work for you ;-)
  • Live Beta testing begun. You can use this one now.